Graduate Student at Waseda

    major in Software Engineering

    interested in AR/VR/Image Processing

    study in IPS-IPLAB


  • Education

    Waseda University

    IPS-IPLAB 2017 - now

    AR/VR, Interactive Programing

    Nanjing University (NJU)

    Major in Software Engineering 2013-2017

    Programming, Product Design, Algorithms

  • My Interest

    I have interest and advantages in coordination and operation.

    Besides founding my company, I was involved in some projects as a role of product manager before. My main duty was to design products and analyze user data then.

    And before I came to IPS, I also did a CTO job in an education corp for a few months.

    I like new technologies, new products. I am convinced that good products will lead to a better life.

    If you're interested in startups, welcome to contact me. I'm happy to collaborate with others.

  • Experience

    A selection of projects and activities I've been involved with:

    "The Startup"

    Found Echome Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

    in 2015


    Gained 13 million RMB

    in 2016

    "CCTV Show"

    Top 24 of the Chinese Idioms Congress directed by CCTV

    "National Camp"

    China Youth Leadership Summit

    "Honor in NJU"

    Man of the Year 2016

    in NJU

  • Competitions&Rewards

    Some rewards I got in the past few years

    the ChuangQingChun National Collegiate Entrepreneurship Competition


    First Prize - Provincial - 2017

    Third Prize - National - 2017

    the "internet+" National Entrepreneurship Competition

    Second Prize-Provincial - 2017


    Nanjing University’s First Business Competition

    First Prize -2016

    Nanjing University’s Road Show Competition

    First Prize - 2016

    Youth Model in Campus


    Star of Entrepreneurship of NJU


  • Reach Out

    Drop me a line so we can collaborate!

    IPS of Waseda University